Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Context Mapping

Context mapping is a visual way that we would describe ourselves to others and what is important to us in our lives. Due to the fact that it is visual it should be able to tell the story of who, what, and activities that we identify as important roles in our every day life. I am a RIC YDEV student who is graduating this year. I am a dance teacher, choreographer, and hard worker. Cranston is my home and I hope one day my children can have the life I had in this town! (It will always be home) Relationships that are important to me are my family, friends, and my boyfriend.

Four Different Types of Identity
  1. ACHIEVED IDENTITY: the individual has successfully integrated his ego-identity needs from the past, wishing the present, and into the future.
  2. FORECLOSED IDENTITY: the identity that is either thrust upon a person (the need, for example, to assume a particular direction due to limited environmental opportunities) or simply accepted with little reflection. (more of a natural need)
  3. MORATORIUM: when one actively explores ones roles and beliefs, behaviors and relationships. But refrains from making a commitment. 
  4. DIFFUSE IDENTITY: an identity with no real commitment and changes more often than not.


  1. Hey Rachel! I think you context map is cute and simple! Unlike mine I try to put a lot of circles and to many words that was probably not necessary! You made yourself in the center too! I did not even put my name !!

  2. Hey Rachel, thanks for posting. I was confused about the context map at first, but after looking at yours it helped me a lot. Thank you!

    Take care, Megan

  3. I like your context map. Simple and straight to the point.

  4. Hey Rachel, I really like your context map because it's bubbly like you and it's simple and easy to see your different components to your identity.