Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ideology& Identity Inventory

I am always nervous when taking personality tests because I always wonder if I truly am who I think I am inside. This one in particular had me thinking, because it will show me exactly how I will act with youth in the future. When reading all of the questions we were being asked I thought of how I think I am now and how I would want to be in the future. After answering all of the questions truthfully, my scores came out as follows:

  • Risk, Resiliency, and Prevention: 17
  • Positive Youth Development: 8
  • Critical Youth Development: 11
None of which were surprising to me. After reading the "horoscope" I can truly say that I am predominantly B (Positive Youth Development). Half of my answers even had the #1 next to them meaning they were my favorite choices. After I read what it said about my working with youth styles I began to wonder? Am I really always the "positive one"? And is that a bad thing? 

I have always been the one to see the bright side of things. I have always looked at the positives rather than the negatives and though some say that is sheltered I think it makes me more open to others. It states that Positive Youth Workers, would rather focus on the strengths and positive growth (which prevents negative outcomes). Everyone should have the opportunity to show the world all of the good that we as individuals can do. Positive people that helped shape my life were the same way that I am with youth and I hope that I can make an impact on them just like others have done for me in the past. 

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  1. Is always good to look at the bright side of things because it helps you cope with bad situations!