Thursday, November 3, 2016


YOUR VOICE WILL CHANGE THE UNITED STATES. YOUR VOICE MATTERS. YOUR VOICE WILL CHANGE THE WAY THAT THIS ELECTION GOES. These statements have been surrounding my thoughts for the past year. In this election I have not once been able to stand with one side and have a solid thought between the two candidates. First thing I have to say is that this will be my first presidential election I will be voting in. All I can keep thinking about is that these are the two candidates that I am forced to choose from. I want to vote because I want to make a difference but have felt myself saying I would be unable to make a choice of who is the lesser of two evils. Both are liars (though most if not all politicians lie), both have left so many questions unanswered, and both try to cover up wrong doings of their past.

I am not shy from the voting booth and feel informed about both candidates, but mainly have been listening to what my parents have been saying for the past year. Both of my parents stand and complete opposite ends of the spectrum. My mother is very liberal and my father is the most HARDCORE republican I have ever met. My mother, like me keeps her opinions quiet in order to not start any heated debates. My father is so in your face with his beliefs it is actually embarrassing. When I am out in public with my dad and he talks about supporting Donald Trump I am MORTIFIED.  Though on the other hand I am unable to stand and support all that Hillary Clinton stands for. This election has made me feel such stress and is honestly a complete joke. 

Some questions I have about this election:

  1. How will this election outcome effect my life in the future?
  2. After this election what rights as a woman and citizen will I still have?
  3. Will there need to be more social change after this election?
  4. What will be the final outcome for immigrants in this country?


  1. Hi Rachel,
    I like the way in which you proceeded to talk about the elections and voting in this vlog. I agree with what you said because I as well do not know which candidate I'm voting for and it can be a struggle considering the fact that people always ask who I'm voting for and I just don't know.

  2. Hi Rachel, I have had moments where ethical belief gets in between my judgements for the candidate I thought I was going to go with, but we have to vote as if we're projecting into the future. That is part of the reason I enjoyed reviewing your thoughtful questions about what will this look like for immigrants, social change, and your own rights.

  3. The picture you posted caught my attention because they seemed to get along before but now, they are very negative against each other. I am not too happy about this election.