Thursday, December 8, 2016

Event #2

My second event for our YDEV requirement was our Nuts About Dance Fundraiser at the Carolyn Dutra Dance Studio. I volunteered to come to the studio on Veteran's Day from 9am-2pm to help separate, pack, and bag nut orders for all of our three studio locations. We were separated among 10 tables and had to weigh, bag, and count how many small bags of nuts we got out of one big box. It was a great way to build team work with not only the staff but some of the senior company members, came and helped out as well before they went into rehearsals. It was a very good group of people who all enjoyed working together as a team while having a fun time doing it! It can be a long tedious day, but with the right attitude it was really a fun experience. 

Since working at the studio has always been a career goal for the future it was cool to be on the business end of things this time and learning how exactly everything worked. I helped take in orders before nut packing day and even got to help unload the truck while I was there. 

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